Dubai is an exciting, modern and exotic tourist Mecca, famous for fantastical skyscrapers rising out of the desert, custom built artificial beaches and high culture. A visit to Dubai can be booked through travel agents like Travelup and is dominated by sightseeing, shopping and relaxing in any of the cities grandiose giant hotels, fitting with this theme of opulence are the city’s many high class restaurants. Information on all of Dubai’s attractions and travel details can be found on Travelup Reviews, a practical encyclopaedia of tourism produced by Travelup to make sure their customers make the most Travelupout of their vacations. A holiday to Dubai can’t be considered complete without at least one night out to sample the produce of some of Dubai’s fanciest restaurants.From local cuisine to foods from all around the world, Dubai’s restaurants cater for all comers. Whatever your particular taste, maybe you can certainly find something to suit your needs in one of these fantastically lavish restaurants;

- Al Hadheerah

If you’re after a taste of traditional Arabia, then Al Hadheerah is your place. Set out of town in the dunes, Al Hadheerah is a classic Arabic white sandstone building, where traditional Arabic cuisine is served outdoors in the pleasant desert evening.

- Eauzone

Modern Dubai has come a long way from its ancient traditions and nowhere is this better reflected than the Eauzone restaurant. Serving modern Asian dishes, Eauzone is slick, refined, modern and delicious.

- Pierchic

If what you want Dubai fresh food then Pierchic is a seafood restraint built on a pier where you can enjoy fish so fresh, it could have been swimming under the restaurant itself the day before. Pierchic serves European inspired seafood meaning you can sample local produce whilst still enjoying recognisable European dishes.

- Majlis al Bahar

For setting, nowhere beats Majlis al Bahar. Situated on the private beach of the magnificent Burj al Arab, dining at Majlis al Bahar is an unforgettable experience.

Or, if all this opulence isn’t quite your bag, then why not take a walk up the Al Diyafah Road, where more down to earth establishments sell their local wares from tiny cafes, that spill out onto the street. Far removed from the formality of Dubai’s most posh restaurants, the Al Dhiyafah Road is a real slice of local culture.

Dubai is an almost miraculous seeming city that seems to rise impossibly out of the endless sand dune seas that surround it. Constructed on the fabulous wealth generated from oil reserves beneath the sand, Dubai exploded from a tiny fishing village in the start of the twentieth century to the mega wealthy and ultra-modern tourist hotspot that it is today. Such rapid growth saw the people of Dubai soon leave behind the almost medieval traditions of old Arabia behind and very quickly establish a brave brand new community and culture. Nowhere is Dubai’s incredible new culture and community in more evidence than on the bustling Al Diyafah Road; Dubai’s busiest foodie thoroughfare.

Al Diyafah Road is a main street through the middle of busy Dubai; it runs from Rydges Plaza and runs towards the big United Arab Emirates flag outside Union House. The road is peppered with a myriad of restaurants, cafes and fast-food vendors, far removed from the refined sophistication of Dubai’s 5 star restaurants; Al Diyafah Road is an exciting slice of the real living Dubai.

Travelup ReviewsThe staggering variety of foods on offer down the street reflects how fantastically multi-cultural Dubai has become. Down the Al Diyafah Road then, you will find representatives from every single culture that have moved into Dubai and each with its own unique Dubai twists.

Traditional Arab cuisine is available from Al Mallah, a café that opens out onto the street to serve local cheese breads, shawarma and falafel sandwiches. Looking around from Al Mallah however, you will also see sizzling hot dishes from Pakistani spice pedlars and outdoor grills serving Iranian lamb and fresh seafood. Curries from India, dishes from Thailand and even pizzas from Italy can all be found rubbing shoulders with one another and competing for business down the same Al Diyafah Road.

So if you want to experience the real modern multi-cultural society of Dubai, take a trip down the exciting Al Diyafah Road, where you’ll be amazed by the colours, smells and sounds of a genuinely multinational buffet. More information on the sights and flavours of Dubai is available through Travelup Reviews. Run by the highly regarded travel agents, Travelup Reviews provide essential travel information for countries around the world to ensure all Travelup customers make the most of out of their holidays.

With its dazzling range of both modern and ancient architecture, inspiring and serene Buddhist temples and teeming markets, Bangkok is always animated; always moving and changing.

Travelup Reviews suggests that no visit to Bangkok and Thailand would be complete without a visit to its glorious Buddhist temples.

Buddhism is ubiquitous in Thailand; Buddhist thought, practice and veneration are an important and all-encompassing aspect of everyday life for a vast number of people in the country.

TravelupBangkok is blessed with a large number of exquisite Buddhist temples located throughout the city, which are both a testament to the rich religious traditions in Thailand and a powerful reminder that Buddhism is very much alive and relevant in the present day.

There are so many enchanting Buddhist temples in Bangkok, and it would be impossible see them all when time is limited. Travelup can propose a few of the more spectacular and fascinating temples, however, which are particularly rewarding and worthwhile:

Wat Pho – The Reclining Buddha Temple 

One of the most beautiful temples in the whole of Thailand, Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon, is home to the 46 metre long and 15 metre tall Reclining Buddha statue. The entire statue is decorated with gold leaf and adorned with intricate mother of pearl inscriptions of the 108 auspicious ‘laksanas’: the positive attributes which lead to enlightenment.

Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn

Travelup would also recommend a trip to Wat Arun: The Temple of Dawn. This scintillating building is best seen at sunset or during the night, when it is lit by a myriad of lights.

Considered to be one of most enchanting temples in Thailand, Wat Arun (or Wat Chaeng in the local dialect) is dominated by its elegant spire, which is made from thousands of shards of sparkling coloured glass and Chinese porcelain and stands at more than 70 metres high.

Wat Phra Kaew – The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Wat Phra Kaew (also known as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram) is believed to be the most sacred Buddhist temple in the whole of Thailand. Enshrined within is Phra Kaew Morakot – the revered Emerald Buddha. Amazingly, this carven image of Buddha in meditation was carved from one single block of precious jade.

Sun-drenched Sydney has been described as one of the most ideal cities in the world. Elegant, stylish and with clean streets to boot, immaculate neighbourhoods, awe-inspiring parks and mind-blowing historic buildings, all forms part of the experience.Travelup ReviewsHosting warm weather, spectacular beaches and pleasant people, along with an unaffected environment as can only be found in Sydney, your holiday promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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Sydney is the oldest city of Australia and situated in New South Wales. The city is lively and multicultural and bears one of the most superb harbours in the world. It is also the home of the famous Sydney Opera House.

If you plan a family holiday in Sydney, be sure to include a visit to the Taronga Zoo. It hosts an array of animals. Animals and creatures that are largely indigenous to Australia can be viewed including wallabies, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, platypuses and Tasmanian devils.

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During the first months of 2013 the amount of travellers visiting Dubai from within the United Kingdom has increased substantially. The latest statistics reveal that the period between January and March has seen an average increase of 10% of travellers, as opposed to the same period for 2012. It is suggested that more than 190,000 British tourists visited the United Arab Emirates in this three-month period; approximately 200,000 more tourists than in 2012.

It is no secret that Dubai is the exotic holiday destination of choice. This can be attributed to the fact that this remarkable city offers just the right amount of luxury and elegance with its spectacular skyline. It therefore also comes as no surprise that most tourists prefer to stay at the world-class hotels offered by Dubai.

The UK and Ireland director of Dubai Tourism, Ian Scott, has recently announced that the number of UK tourists selecting to make Dubai their holiday destination, is proof of the city’s on-going attractiveness to members of the more Westernised regions of the world. He mentioned that this fascination can be attributed to the industry and its clients possessing a greater indulgence of Dubai’s wide-ranging allure and exceptional affordability.

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Orlando is most famous for being the home of Disney. Disneyland is one of the most popular and most visited theme parks in the world; it is so famous that many visitors pass strait through Orlando on their way to the theme park. Orlando is a thriving city in its own right however, it is home to a thriving independent film and theatre scene, music, a busy nightlife and many fascinating museums. A visit to Orlando can make a great holiday without needing to even think about Disneyland.


Orlando’s independent cinema scene is one of the best in America. The city has so many studios and independent companies that it has become known as “Hollywood East”. Influential films like the “Blair Witch Project” and “Monster” have been produced there. Ever year Orlando hosts the Florida Film Festival which attracts exciting new filmmakers from around the world.

The Orlando Metropolitan Area is home to the city’s busy theatre scene. As well as the annual explosion of theatre that is the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, the city’s numerous theatres run an eclectic mix of shows all year round.

For visitors who want something a little more relaxed, Orlando can also boast an impressive array of museums and galleries. Amongst the many smaller art museums, the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is home to the world’s largest collection of works by Louise Comfort Tiffany. Orlando also has a popular science museum, a comprehensive local history museum and even the unforgettable “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando Odditorium”, a museum of oddities and mind bending exhibits.

Or for something completely different from all of that arts and culture, sports fans can enjoy Orlando’s active sports scene. Orlando is home to notable sports teams like the Orlando Magics and the Orlando Predators. Visitors can go down to the Amway sports arena to catch any range of classic American sporting events.

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Many locations around the world have been noted for their unique cuisine. France and Italy are famous for their fabulous culinary traditions and countries all across Asia are noted for their eclectic and exotic foods. As a relatively new country built on immigration, the USA is often not considered to have much traditional food of its own. However a walk around the streets of New York will prove that assumption to be far from the truth.


New York has become increasingly known for its own unique cuisine. New York foods are influenced by the hodgepodge of ethnicities, bustling streets and busy life of the city. Hence most of New York’s unique menu can be bought to take away from street vendors or delicatessens.

Some of New York’s own dishes include;

-       New Yorker Bagel

Doughnut shaped boiled dough bagels originate from Eastern European Jewish immigrants. New York bagels can be filled with any range of creative fillings and quickly caught on as the New Yorker’s food of choice.

-       New York Hot Dog

Visitors to New York will notice hot dog stands on nearly every corner.

-       New York Pizza

New Yorkers do pizzas like no one else. A New York pizzeria sells it by the slice. One giant, cheesy, thin crusted and grease covered slice is a quintessential New York experience.

-       New York Deli Sandwich

Full to the brim and bursting with flavour, New Yorkers have made sandwich making into an art. Visitors are never far away from a sandwich deli in New York and a full pastrami sandwich is always available at any time day or night.

-       New York Cheesecake

The modern commercial cheesecake is a genuine New York invention. Now popular as desserts all around the world, if you want to experience the original home and greatest masters of cheesecake baking, you have to come to New York.

Don’t forget though, New York does offer more than just great take away food. For more information on the attractions of the city you can visit the always helpful database of Travelup Reviews. Travelup maintain an extensive databank of information on holiday destinations ranging across the globe. Travelup Reviews provide information on a location’s travel, attraction and accommodation options as well as helpful additional information regarding visas, inoculation and local customs for visitors to keep in mind.

Although the political capital is in Washington, New York can be considered America’s financial and cultural capital. New York has been subject to more art, songs and stories than any other city. New York is known by its landmarks; the city sites are truly iconic and help to define the character of the city that never sleeps.


Some of New York’s most iconic landmarks include;

-       The Statue of Liberty

Probably the most recognisable statue in the world, it is a beacon of hope that has embodied the American dream for millions of immigrants who have made the USA what it is today. Erected in 1886 as a gift from France, it is a highly symbolic representation of the Roman goddess Libertas. The Statue of Liberty was built as an icon to commemorate France’s essential role in the America’s declaration of independence and their joint commitment to freedom around the world.

-       The Empire State Building

Famous as the former tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building is a timeless masterpiece in triumphant art deco design. The building has become an integral part of the character of New York and immortalised in cinema when the unforgettable King Kong scaled to the top.

-       Central Park

A calming open space in the middle of the urban sprawl, Central Park has had an impact on every New Yorker and an integral role in the history of the city. Central Park has been the location of cinema as well as real life scenes, including the infamous ‘Hoovervilles’ that sprang up during the 1930s.

-       Grand Central Terminal

Not many cities can genuinely list a train station as an iconic landmark. Grand Central Station is however the busiest terminal in the world. Built in 1871 the cavernous space is a marvel of functionally elegant architecture and holds a breath taking volume of commuters meeting in one place from all walks of life. The station has become so iconic it has appeared in major films including Blade Runner.

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Travelup ReviewsOakland is a port city off the northern coast of California. While it may not be as popular a travel destination as other parts of California, like San Francisco or Los Angeles, it is has a lot going for it and should be considered for your next holiday.

Oakland houses a number of events every year ranging from sports and concerts, to theatre productions and art exhibits. Traveling to attend one of these many events is a great opportunity to observe what else Oakland has to offer. Hotel accommodation and fine dining alone could make your trip one to remember. Highly rated restaurants include Commis, Ballanico and Zachary’s Chicago Pizza.

If you’re traveling to Oakland for sightseeing, there are several landmarks you will want to make sure you don’t miss. 16th Street Station, USS Potomac, the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO), Jack London Square, and the Oakland Museum of California are all must-see locations. There is no shortage of things to plan when visiting Oakland. The Oakland Zoo, alone, offers enough entertainment to plan a vacation around.

Oakland has an international reputation for its urban population, but there are many beautiful locations that offer the fresh air and scenery any outdoor enthusiast would appreciate. There are many outdoor activities and areas to check out if you’re looking to enjoy the scenery Oakland has to offer. If this is the aim of your vacation, be sure to check out the Sibley Volcanic Geology Hike, also known as the Mazzariello Labyrinth. Other natural hotspots include the Easy Bay Regional Park District, Lake Merritt, Lakeside Park and Garden Center, Tilden Nature Area.

For people interested in cultural activities there are a few places to check out. The Cathedral of Christ the Light, Mountain View Cemetery, Chabot Space and Science Center, Dunsmuir House, and various other locations will make your trip one to remember. Whereas if you are a family that needs to keep the kids occupied, Fairyland and Paramount Theatre are very popular locations with special events and activities on offer throughout the season. These areas are highly regarded by past visitors and are sure to amuse even the most demanding traveller. Those that give the city a chance will be pleasantly surprised by what they can get out of this often overlooked destination.

Travelup reviews are produced by the popular Reading travel company Travelup. Travelup has several local branches where you can book your holiday.

Oakland, California is a truly American city experience. San Francisco was built with local lumber from across the bay, and the lumberjacks once flush with cash, set up Oakland as their home. Populations remained at relatively small town status until the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 forced many residents to leave their ruined homes, and set up in the small town six miles east over the water. Since then, Oakland has established its own unique identity, despite it’s proximity to the colourful diverse San Francisco. Oakland has a dramatically different look and character. With mild temperatures year round, the city boasts the most desirable climate in the lower 48 states. It’s easy to spend time outdoors in the area, and there are lots of things to see.

The Sibley Volcanic Geology Hike offers an educational glimpse into the ancient, surface-changing history of the area. There is also an excellent zoo with wildlife from all around the world, and many areas to set up a mid day picnic; you are allowed to bring your own food. The Oakland Museum of California incorporates art and the natural history of California. They also have daily group activities like dance classes that anyone is welcome to take part in.

A great way to get a real feel for the history and culture of Oakland is to catch a matinee movie at the Paramount Theater. It is not only visually beautiful, with its art deco flair, but it also offers a preserved slice of time from the roaring twenties; featuring movies of the period, and a beautifully maintained and authentic appearance.

When it’s time to eat, it’s best to keep with the theme of the city, and keep it simple. Bakesale Betty offers a very limited menu, just a fried chicken sandwich, but that one sandwich brings people from the other side of the bay to stand in line. Craft beer is huge in Oakland, and The Trappist offers the beer lover a great selection of Belgian and Belgian style beers. If you’re looking for a fun bustling restaurant experience, Brown Sugar has become a local favourite, with simply prepared dishes using local organic ingredients. The nightlife in Oakland is all about socializing; the best way into a local’s heart is to join your fellow man in a little late night conversation over a few cold beers. Cato’s Ale House offers a great setting, and is a great place to make a new friend.

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